About BirdBam Studios

BirdBam Studios was created by Birdie and Bam Chesson to animate, make movies, plays and television shows. Now we're looking to expand our Production team!
Writers, Directors, Producers and Actors/Actresses are needed. Email us: BirdBamStudios@gmail.com
Scripts will be available for actor reels!
Click Here for Contact & Social Media info!


Bam's Corner

Designer of animations.
Innovator of Characters.
Using different avenues to animate, Bam is creating his own animation series. Click the picture to view a few that he's working on.


Featured BirdBam Studios Shows

Everyone needs encouragement. Subscribe to Birdie Chesson's BookCoachBirdie YouTube page. If you have any questions or booking information,
Email Us at BookCoachBirdie@gmail.com to send us your questions, suggestions and comments.  Click the picture to tune in!